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Flex Birthday Party!

what happens in a flex party

We provide 2 exciting packages; 60 or 90 minute package - Each party price includes 25 guests, additional charges for extra guests.

How much?

60 minutes from £100 / 90 minutes from £150.

Not sure what to do for party bags? - Why not ask the Flex Dance crew to supply you with Flex Dance drinks bottles or teddy bears from just £4 per child.

with our party girl Our daughter was thrilled to have her seventh birthday party as a flex dance party. The party was fantastic and all the children were thoroughly entertained and had great fun. We are sure our little girl will always remember this special birthday. We would wholeheartedly recommend a flex dance party to other parents for their children. Our daughter has also had many happy hours at Street Dance and Flex Dance lessons.

Chris, Sapna & Amber Malkin

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