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Dance classes for boys too!

Here at Flex Dance we enjoy the mixture of boys and girls in our children's classes! But we still get the odd email from parents asking if their son can attend? And the answer is always; Ofcourse they can!

Boys are welcome to all of our classes! We understand the hesitation initially, the view has often been girls like to dance- however this just isn't true anymore and we welcome diversity!

Having a mixed class is healthy and it provides a positive balanced environment for all participants!

So if you're a parent of little boy who wants to attend a dance class then get in touch!

Why should boys dance with Flex?

  • A fun and energetic environment.
  • Boys can enjoy learning all of the aspects of dance (theatre & street).
  • Enjoy specific training in order to develop strength, stamina, coordination & rhythm.
  • Socially Beneficial to boys who wish to express themselves through dance, building their confidence with other likeminded boys.
  • book your son's first dance class