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5th year anniversary - A whole lot of dancing

Who would have thought that when we were driving back to Leeds after a lovely roast dinner in Hull (courtesy of Kevin, Sam's dad) talking about our plan of getting children involved in dance; that we we would now be celebrating our 5th year in business!

Like all journeys we've had our patience and sanity tested, but we kept the momentum going. The long term goal was to get children dancing: to keep fit, build confidence and have fun!! We know that children are amazing, their enthusiasm has no boundaries, their love for learning, sharing & making new friends is at the core of who they are.

But not all children are the same and our classes and teachers acknowledge this. Some can be real characters while others shy and lacking in confidence, this can hinder their progress, stopping them from seeing how great they can be!

Dancing can build a child's confidence!! At Flex Dance Inc every child has the opportunity to take part and be involved: no level of ability is required as every child is important to us. Our teachers create a relaxed, friendly environment in our classes and so students relax and have fun! This safe & positive environment nurtures a child's confidence allowing them to learn and be challenged in a way that's non threatening but encourages positivity and growth!

A child is entitled to express who they are and how they feel and here at Flex Dance Inc, our classes encourage that wholeheartedly.

We only have to think back to our end of year shows to see what a difference dancing has made!! We've been brought to tears by our students!! By how much they have grown, progressed and achieved!!

Reaching out to our local community is also very important to us and it's something we never over look when thinking of new services we would like to provide; if there's positivity around the idea, we want to be involved!

Our after school dance clubs, curriculum based dance projects and our themed Holiday Camps, mean we're constantly kept on our toes and flabbergasted by how many children want to be a part of it. That's why we are proud to have new classes starting in Leeds, Hull and York.

With our continued growth and excellent class attendance, we trialled our 'Flex Dance Party Package' in 2012 and because of the success it's now a service we are happy to provide for you. With repeated bookings we know children love our street dance parties!

You continue to visit our dance classes and year in, year out, help us put together amazing shows and create a vibrant, positive environment for our students!

We want to thank everyone who has helped us, our dance staff, parents and more importantly our fantastic students- yes, even the cheeky ones!

We love you all and we will continue boosting children's confidence and infusing them with a positive attitude!!

Sam & Steph